The Barbados International Business Association (BIBA) is a private sector organization comprising companies engaged in international business in Barbados and companies which are otherwise strategically associated with this sector.

Our Mission
BIBA’s mission is to work in partnership with the government towards the development of the international business sector in the interest of Barbados and the members of the Association.

The BIBA has its origins in an organisation known as the Barbados Association of International Business Companies and Offshore Banks (BAIBCOB) which was formed in 1993 and incorporated in February 1997 under the Companies Act (Cap 308) of Barbados. In November 1997 as a result of a decision to accept a broader range of membership, the name of the organisation was officially changed to the Barbados International Business Association and from there on, the association’s membership included the members of the former Canada Barbados Business Association (CBBA) and the Barbados International Insurance Association (BIIA), along with the former BAIBCOB members.

Aims and objectives
1. To serve as the industry voice to the Barbados government and community.
2. To provide a forum for exchanges of information and ideas among members.
3. To ensure that our members professional and personal interests are adequately served.
4. To be the catalyst for creating and maintaining the commitment of the private and public sector to a unity of purpose in the efforts to develop Barbados i.e. Team Barbados or Barbados Inc.
5. To liaise with and facilitate the work of the relevant Government Ministries, statutory bodies and other organizations involved in the development and regulation of international business in Barbados.
6. To be perceived as an invaluable partner to the government and the people of Barbados in the development efforts of the country.
7. To be perceived as an authority and major source of information on matters related to international business.
8. To be seen as a major point of contact for helpful advice and orientation of new investors to the island.

Visit www.biba.bb for more information.